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Owning a hair salon franchise is appealing to many people with business backgrounds or hair salon work. Becoming a Franchise Owner allows you to help your community by inspiring confidence and connecting with others. Franchising with Lemon Tree is unique due to the semi–absentee model option, the low initial investment, and more.

With Lemon Tree, Franchise Owners enjoy added flexibility with the semi–absentee owner model option. This option allows Franchise Owners to keep additional jobs, prioritize time with family, work on other hobbies and dreams, or run additional salons. Plus, the barrier to entering business with Lemon Tree is relatively low—Lemon Tree is the most affordable beauty salon franchise of its kind.

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The Lemon Tree management team has industry experience in the family dating back to 1964. With the opening of Style Rite, hairdresser Anthony Shaw began a beauty salon business based on family values. Throughout its adaptations, from Le Salon to Cutting Crew to Lemon Tree, we have kept up with cultural trends while keeping a community focus. Since the beginning of Lemon Tree in 2009, Franchise Owners have reaped the benefits of three generations of family experience behind the franchise.

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When finding the best hair salon franchise for you, it’s important to compare each business model to understand how each franchise is run. Lemon Tree prioritizes offering a low–cost investment that allows more hard–working entrepreneurs to become Franchise Owners.

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In addition, training and ongoing support at Lemon Tree is thorough and high–quality. Regardless of your questions as you set up your business or tackle challenges on the road, you’re never alone in solving problems with Lemon Tree. Plus, a semi–absentee option allows owners to grow and scale as desired or to utilize their time flexibility to spend more time with family or on other hobbies and interests.

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One aspect that helps Lemon Tree stand out is our specialty as a family–focused salon. Qualities specific to family salons include: offering more affordable services, working with clients of all ages, and providing flexible scheduling options by taking walk–ins and keeping longer operating hours.

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Due to the relatively low upfront investment requirement and the semi–absentee owner option, becoming a Franchise Owner with Lemon Tree is highly scalable. Once your salon is up and running,g the semi–absentee model only requires you to run your business for 15–20 hours per week. This leaves you extra time to open additional locations and multiply your potential profits!

Even if you have experience as an entrepreneur or working in a salon, there’s a good chance there is still a lot to learn as you set out to open your hair salon. That’s why Lemon Tree provides training at corporate headquarters in New Jersey and onsite at your Lemon Tree location. We work to prepare you for a thriving and fulfilling career as a Lemon Tree Franchise Owner with up to 90 hours of thorough training.

There are countless small details regarding running a successful hair salon franchise. It's impossible to bring expertise in every skill area necessary for franchise ownership, and that's okay! That's why Lemon Tree offers support for various business aspects, from nailing down the best real estate to running engaging marketing campaigns. You never have to figure it out alone!

One of the most appealing aspects of becoming a Franchise Owner with Lemon Tree is the especially low up–front investment. Becoming a Franchise Owner with Lemon Tree will generally cost between $178,794- $270,939 depending on your market. With a low franchise fee of only $35,000, the rest of this total accounts for line items such as inventory, marketing, and more.

Becoming a Franchise Owner with Lemon Tree means tapping into a growing and steady industry. Owning a hair salon franchise can be the basis for a lucrative career that helps others and opens the door to financial freedom. The top 25% of Lemon Tree salons see an average unit volume of over $571,156.

As you sort through your options for opening a hair salon, it's natural to have questions. Get answers to your questions such as, "Do I need experience in the salon industry?" and "How many employees will I need?" And more.

Having hair salon or franchising experience is not required to become a Franchise Owner with Lemon Tree. Our ideal candidate brings qualities such as a business mindset and management experience to the table. If you have an interest in the business side of running a salon and prioritize a family focus, you might be a great candidate!

With a hands-on approach to training and support, you’ll follow a proven method to get your hair salon franchise up and running. After approval, the process involves steps such as a webinar, a peer review and a CEO interview. Each step brings you closer to enjoying the flexibility and positive community impact of being a Franchise Owner with Lemon Tree!

Becoming part of a family-focused franchise in a steadily growing industry might be the perfect next step in your career path! Ask about our franchise opportunity today.

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