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When it comes to franchising, there are endless opportunities out there. In sorting through your options, the best place to start is always with a successful industry. The global beauty industry (including anti-aging, skincare, hair services, nail services, and massage) brings in over $1 trillion annually. That’s impressive for any industry, and the market is steadily growing. Newer technologies have led to advances in cosmetology and consumers are demanding more beauty services now than ever before. Within this massive industry, hair salons and retail hair products make up the largest portion, bringing in $63 billion annually in the United States alone.

When it comes to opening a hair salon franchise, it’s clear that a full-service salon is the way to go. By comparison, nail salons account for only $11 billion, health and wellness $12 billion, and tanning salons $3 billion. With a hair salon franchise, you’ll have the chance to cash in on a lucrative industry. Proven to be incredibly resilient, the hair salon industry has done well even in times of recession.

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A Long And Successful Lemon Tree Hair Salons hair salon franchise logo. History

Style Rite first opened its doors in 1964 in Avenel, N.J. Anthony Shaw, the founder of this brand new salon, couldn’t begin to imagine the legacy that he would pass on one day. Throughout the years, Anthony and his son Robert gained experience in the ever-changing beauty industry. Their business model adapted quickly and efficiently to each new trend and they were able to remain relevant throughout the years. Additional experience in franchising and multi-location business management allowed them to establish a successful hair salon franchise model.

Grandson Jonathan Shaw watched the two diligently and learned all about the industry from an early age. In 2009, Jonathan Shaw purchased the Lemon Tree Hair Salons brand--at that time a failing Long Island beauty salon chain. Since then, Jonathan breathed new life into the business and established Lemon Tree Hair Salons as a family hair salon supported by generations of knowledge, success, and hard work. Nearly 48 years and three generations later, Lemon Tree Hair Salons stands on firm footing with 35 locations open nationwide.

Our Formula For Lemon Tree is a hair salon franchise opportunity near you. Success

It’s no miracle that Anthony was able to turn a failing brand into an incredibly successful family salon. Decades of experience taught him what was needed to establish a salon franchise model that could succeed in multiple locations and amid various economic fluctuations. By developing a strong business model, we’ve managed to establish ourselves as a thriving hair salon franchise.

You’ll find that the Lemon Tree franchise model is in a league of its own for these Five Principal Reasons:

Lemon Tree offers support when buying a salon franchise.

1. Low-Cost Investment

Operating a business is expensive and that is often what keeps many hopeful entrepreneurs from achieving their dreams. We believe that every talented, hard-working individual has the right to own a business, so we keep our investment costs incredibly low. A range of $172,462 - $240,739* covers everything needed to get started.

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2. Community Focus

Lemon Tree Hair Salons has stayed in business by focusing on affordable pricing and family-focused services. Our communities know they can count on Lemon Tree to appeal to children, adults and seniors alike. Many high-end salons lose business in times of economic downturns because of their high prices. By focusing on providing quality hair care at a fair price, Lemon Tree has maintained a consistent customer base, no matter the state of the economy.

As a recession resilient franchise owner, you will be on call.

3. Growth Potential

Thanks to simple operations and low entry costs, Lemon Tree is an incredibly scalable business model. Those interested in multi-location operations will be pleased with what our salon franchise has to offer. You’ll also have the opportunity to substantially grow your business and increase earnings at a faster rate.

Lemon Tree offers support when buying a recession resilient franchise.

4. Incredible Training & Support

All Lemon Tree Hair Salons Franchise Owners are properly trained in the salon industry and business operations to ensure their success. When it comes to support, there’s no end to what we offer. Whether it’s helping line up your best real estate options, finding the right general contractor, setting up your supply chain, building brand awareness or being available to answer any of your questions, our executive team is in your corner throughout every phase of development.

Lemon Tree offers support when buying a hair salon franchise.

5. Semi-Absentee Option

Lemon Tree is a unique salon franchise that allows business owners or those too busy with other pursuits to expand their income sources with a semi-absentee ownership model. Once your salon franchise is up and running and you have a general manager in place, you’ll only need to spend 15-20 hours a week focused on Lemon Tree Hair Salons. That leaves plenty of time for you to pursue other interests.

A bustling career is driven by high demand, salon ownership is exciting, profitable and promising. If you are looking for a new career that allows you to take charge of your future, you may want to invest in our hair salon franchise.

*Numbers obtained from our 2022 FDD

High Potential Lemon Tree is a recession resilient hair salon franchise opportunity near you. Returns

The historically consistent beauty industry has experienced a 7% growth in salon product sales, 9-15% growth among family-focused salons, and 3% industry-wide growth overall. As a result, we see incredible revenue come in here at Lemon Tree Hair Salons. On average, the top 50% of Salon Franchise Owners make $378,705* in annual sales with the top 10% of locations reaching $496,471* in annual sales.

With numbers like that, it’s easy to see how feasible it is to see a strong ROI in very little time once you’re up and running. Even though we offer low prices to customers, our Franchise Owners still see healthy profit benefits, thanks to a winning franchise model.

*Numbers obtained from our 2022 FDD

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When it comes to finding the perfect salon Franchise Owner, we’re looking for candidates who possess certain characteristics:

Business Management Background

No salon experience is needed to open a Lemon Tree hair salon franchise. Rather, we look for individuals who are business savvy and have experience managing a team. As a Lemon Tree owner, you won’t be cutting hair - you’ll be running a business.

Community Focus

Lemon Tree Hair Salons is a family-oriented business at heart so we love it when potential Franchise Owners feel a strong connection with those in their community. As the face of your hair salon, you must maintain a strong, positive presence wherever you may be located.

Passionate About Growth

At Lemon Tree Hair Salons, we are proud of the salon franchise empire we’ve created. By focusing on quality hair services and excellent customer service, we have been able to quickly expand. We look to continue our growth with entrepreneurs who are as passionate about growth as we are.

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A solid business plan, quality salon services, and unbeatable customer care has allowed us to lead the industry in everything from profitability to reputation. We are recognized as the best salon for family services and we are the only salon franchise that uses solely professional brand hair care products like Paul Mitchell®.

If you are ready to join our team and experience some of our success for yourself, the process is simple. After reaching out to our corporate team, potential candidates will fill out a short questionnaire that will help us decide if you are a good fit for the Lemon Tree Hair Salons team.

If you qualify, you will move onto the education process, which consists of the following steps:

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1. Initial Call

This first interview is a great way for us to get to know each other better - we’ll ask about your business plans and what you see in your future with Lemon Tree Hair Salons. We’ll then fill you in on the details of our business model and the Lemon Tree Hair Salons system.

Own an hair salon franchise near you today.

2. Webinar

This online informational session lasts about 30 minutes and we'll introduce you to details of the franchise process, Lemon Tree Hair Salons branding, our support program, and training requirements.

Start your recession resilient hair salon franchise today.

3. FDD Review

After the Webinar, we will share the financial details of our Franchise Disclosure Document with you and invite you to take a closer look at the inner workings of our system.

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4. Clearance Call

If you have any remaining questions at this point about the details of the franchise agreement, this step allows you to speak directly with our executive team to make sure you understand all the fine print.

Lemon Tree is an affordable franchise opportunity.

5. Peer Review

This is your opportunity to speak directly with our current Franchise Owners about their experience running a Lemon Tree hair salon franchise. They’ll also give us their feedback on whether or not they feel you’ll make a valuable team member.

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6. Discovery Day

You’ll be invited out to our headquarters in New York City where you will meet the support team, corporate members, learn about Paul Mitchell products and visit local salons for an immersive experience.

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7. CEO Interview

The last part of Discovery Day ends with an interview between you and the CEO. This final interview is a great way for you to learn a bit more about the history of Lemon Tree Hair Salons and ask any remaining questions.

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8. Franchise Awarded

As soon as the CEO gives his nod of approval, congratulations!-- you’ll be awarded your own Lemon Tree salon. Once you sign the contract agreement, we’ll set to work preparing for your Grand Opening. From there, you can expect your salon to open for business within a few short months.

Learn more about this recession resilient franchise industry. We’d Love To Welcome You To Our Franchise Family!

The Lemon Tree Hair Salons brand is an established salon franchise that is known for high-quality customer service and professional standard beauty care. You can continue this legacy by opening up your very own Lemon Tree location as soon as you’re ready.

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