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Frequently Asked Questions

Salon Franchise FAQ

Whether you choose to go it alone or work with a franchise, there’s a lot that goes into opening a business. Perhaps you’ve done your research and have determined that the hair salon industry and Lemon Tree Hair Salons could be the right fit for you. That means you probably have many questions about our brand, business model, the industry, and how this can be a successful venture for you.

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have, and we’ve compiled a list of common salon franchise FAQ just for you.

What Makes Lemon Tree Hair Salons Different From Other Salon Franchises?

While other franchises focus primarily on cutting hair, Lemon Tree Hair Salons provides a wide-range of services at budget-friendly price points. We are a designated Paul Mitchell Salon and use top-of-the-line products to pamper our guests, no matter their age.

Our salons not only cut and style, but also color, straighten or texturize hair. We are also able to provide waxing services! With a variety of excellent services to choose from and affordable pricing, Lemon Tree Hair Salons is a cut above the competition in the salon franchise market.

How Many Lemon Tree Hair Salons Franchises are Currently Open?

Right now there are 35 Lemon Tree Hair Salons salons open around the United States, currently located in Florida, New York, New Jersey, Oklahoma and Texas. We are always looking to move into new markets, and with over 48 years in the salon franchise industry, we are confident in our ability to support manageable growth.

Lemon Tree Hair Salons offers great opportunities and are happy to answer your salon franchise FAQ.
Lemon Tree Hair Salons's locations are great and affordable for our owners and our clients - come visit us for answers to your salon franchise FAQ's.

How Much Does it Cost to Open Your Own Lemon Tree Hair Salons?

We pride ourselves on being much more affordable than our competitors! To open your own Lemon Tree Hair Salons salon, your initial investment will range between approximately $164,694- $234,939. The actual cost will vary depending on your location and the size of the salon you wish to open. This total cost includes your initial franchise fee, training expenses, costs associated with constructing and furnishing your store, initial inventory, and more.

Does Lemon Tree Hair Salons Have a Franchise Fee?

Like most franchises, we do have a franchise fee. This fee allows each Franchise Owner to use our proprietary resources, branding, and intellectual property within their salons. For Owners of single salons, the fee is $35,000. Candidates that are awarded more than one salon are able to make use of multi-salon franchise agreements.

What are the Royalties for Lemon Tree Hair Salons Owners?

We prioritize keeping our royalties low so that our Franchise Owners are able to build revenue and invest in their employees. As of 2022, our royalty fee is only 6%.

Do I Have to Have Experience Owning a Salon to Open a Lemon Tree Hair Salons?

Although it can certainly help to have experience with previous franchise ownership or working in salon settings, it is not necessary! We have over 48 years of experience that we put to use in helping set up our owners for success. What we look for are owners with a drive to be successful and who are ready to lead their teams and grow their salons!

What are the Staffing Needs of a Lemon Tree Hair Salons?

Staffing needs vary by the size of each location. In general, salons need a full-time manager, one or two team leaders, and four to six stylists to get started. Some of our Owners choose to mitigate costs by working as the manager while they establish their business in the community, while others work as semi-absentee and hire a full-time manager instead.

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