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While many salons will provide services for a range of ages, family-focused salons have specific traits that tend to make them more attractive for entire families over individuals.

For example, family salons are generally more affordable. Family salons prioritize providing quality services and products at a price point that is less daunting without sacrificing the professional results of other salons.Family salons also recognize the need to cater to the busy lives of their customers by offering much more adaptability in scheduling. As a result, many offer increased hours of operation, walk-up appointments, or both.

Investing in a family salon with a haircut franchise can be a lucrative and solid decision for those seeking new business opportunities.

Learn more today about franchise opportunities with Lemon Tree Hair Salons.

Learn more today about franchise opportunities with Lemon Tree Hair Salons. What Makes a Franchise with Lemon Tree Hair Salons a Good Investment?

Salons in general are highly profitable. In fact, the average salon has a profit margin of 8.2%, while most other businesses average around 7.7%. This is largely in part to the proven resilience of the salon industry as a whole. Haircut franchises for family salons, like Lemon Tree Hair Salons, are especially resilient to changes in the marketplace. After all, no matter our age, we will always need to get our hair cut and colored, regardless of what else is happening in the world! And while other industries slim down their workforce as technology replaces the need for human interaction, we still require the specialized attention of expert stylists to cut, color, and treat our hair.

The hair salon industry has proven to be the most lucrative of all the beauty industry sectors and accounts for about $63 billion in profits each year. While the industry itself has seen steady growth (about 3%), family focused hair salons have fared best of all, with a growth rate of 9-15%. Much of this growth is likely due to the increased number of services that customers seek out from their salons.

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Coloring services, for instance, have proven to be an “anchor service” across salons in the United States. As the baby boomer generation has grown up, the demand for anti-aging hair care treatments like coloring (but also hair replacement therapy) has increased. Men are also seeking out coloring treatments more often than they have in the past. Other treatments like perms, deep conditioning, blow-outs, and hair straightening remain popular across age groups and various demographics.

With such variety and steady market demand, opening a haircut franchise is an incredibly reliable investment with high profitability potential!

Why Join the Lemon Tree Hair Salons is a haircut franchise opportunity with high potential returns and industry wide growth. Lemon Tree Hair Salons Family?

There are many benefits to joining the Lemon Tree Hair Salons business. We have a proven record of success with over 48 years of experience in the industry. This has allowed us lots of time to perfect and refine our model to include top-notch training, streamlined operations, and a low-cost initial investment for our owners. We want you to see a fast return on investment, and we are proud to be the most affordable family haircut franchise out there.

These low costs also allow for you to grow your business over time. When lower starting costs combine with high profitability and revenue potential, our owners have greater opportunity to expand their businesses. Those seeking to invest back into the growth of their business even have the opportunity to open additional salons.

Lemon Tree Hair Salons is a haircut franchise and family salon - we make families our priority.

As a family salon, we prioritize our organizational model to serve the families in our communities – and that includes the families of our Owners. Many of our Owners work semi-absentee. Some have other day jobs they wish to maintain. Others want to make more time to spend with their own families or pursuing other projects or hobbies.

Whatever the case may be, we recognize and support our Owners in finding the balance of work and home life that is best for their individual needs. Best of all, our Owners are able to find this balance without sacrificing their potential earnings. Our revenue margins are significantly higher than most similar businesses.

We believe that this track record of profitability comes from years of refining our training and support systems to provide our Owners with the assistance they need. With over 48 years in the business, we have seen everything! From your initial training through your grand opening and beyond, we are there to help you find success.

Most of all, though, our Franchise Owners love being part of their communities. As a salon owner, you get to build deeper relationships with your clients than the casual, brief interactions of retail or fast casual dining. Owning a salon allows you to become an integral part of your community. At Lemon Tree Hair Salons, we truly care about you and your success so that you can, in turn, focus on providing the best services for your clients.

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