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Lemon Tree Hair Salons is a beauty franchise that prides itself on being a full-service salon offering clients everything they could need, all while providing customers with excellent value and franchise owners with multiple revenue streams. Not only that but Lemon Tree Hair Salons is an incredibly family-focused and convenient franchise that offers clients flexibility in appointments and no limit or minimum on age. Lemon Tree Hair Salons is perfect for families that live on the go. Learn more about who we are, what we offer franchise owners, and where we come from as a 50-year-old franchise!

Lemon Tree Hair Salons is a beauty franchise with quality franchise opportunities. Who We Are

Our beauty franchise is a third-generation family company that truly cares about our family of owners, staff, and clients. Lemon Tree Hair Salons offers affordable, high-quality services during convenient hours in a stylish and friendly environment. We are proud to offer a brand built on a solid foundation of 50 years of salon experience and featuring a full range of contemporary hair salon services including cutting, color, blow-outs, smoothing, and more! We are designated as Paul Mitchell Focus Salons and use only Paul Mitchell high-quality products to ensure our clients the best results and experience.

What We Lemon Tree Hair Salons offers top beauty franchise opportunities. Offer You

Our beauty franchise offers potential franchise owners extremely low costs in investment coupled with a great potential for revenue. Lemon Tree Hair Salons also offers franchise owners incredible flexibility and growth where you can put yourself in a position to be able to grow your business quickly. And what’s even better is that you can run your business in an absentee fashion, meaning you can keep your day job and employ a great manager. Other hair salon franchise owners love to work in the day-to-day business and do it on a full-time basis in order to maximize profitability. The choice is yours!

Our Start a beauty franchise today with Lemon Tree Hair Salons. History

Lemon Tree Hair Salons has an incredibly rich and complex history that spans over the decades. Over time, we’ve remained true to our haircut and beauty franchise business model of offering professional salon services at affordable prices. We weren’t always as big as we are now, so come and get to know more about our history and roots!

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1964: Style-Rite

Our business was built on family values. In 1964, Anthony Shaw, a hairdresser, and his son Robert, a CPA, opened a beauty salon in New Jersey called Style-Rite. Over subsequent years, they continued to open salons throughout New Jersey.

Beauty franchise opportunities with Lemon Tree Hair Salons.

1970's: Le Salon unisex salons

In the 1970s, unisex salons began to replace beauty salons. Men, women, and children were going to the same salon. Evolving with the times, Style Rite beauty salons became Le Salon unisex salons.

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1980's: Cutting Crew

Being in the fashion industry, trends and styles continued to change. Adapting again to industry trends, Le Salon transformed into Cutting Crew in the 1980s

Not all franchises are recession resilient, but the Lemon Tree Hair Salons beauty franchise is.

1989-1996: Boston Chicken

In 1989, Robert and his son, Jonathan came across an emerging restaurant franchise called Boston Chicken (now known as Boston Market) while looking for new salon locations. Jonathan opened his first franchise in 1990 and developed four more before selling in 1996. The experience of having been a Franchise Owner would prove invaluable when Jonathan becomes involved.

Lemon Tree Hair Salons is a beauty franchise opportunity for sale.

2009: Lemon Tree Hair Salons

After the recession in 2009, Jonathan identified an opportunity and purchased Lemon Tree Hair Salons. Since then, Jonathan and the Lemon Tree Hair Salons team have been building a community of Hair Salon Franchise Owners, many of whom have become multi-unit owners. Now the largest salon franchise on Long Island, they're ready to bring their decades of salon expertise around the country.

Lemon Tree Hair Salons is a beauty franchise with opportuities for growth and success.

Today: 50 Years In The Making

Now the largest salon franchise on Long Island, Jonathan Shaw and his team are ready to bring their decades of salon expertise to the rest of the country and share the same success with each unit added.

Learn more today about franchise opportunities with Lemon Tree Hair Salons. Why Choose Lemon Tree Hair Salons?

Lemon Tree Hair Salons as a beauty franchise offers incredible unit economics with a strong foundation in experience and quality. Lemon Tree Hair Salons is a franchise 50 years in the making and has the track record to prove that it’s an incredibly lucrative move to make for aspiring entrepreneurs. Lemon Tree Hair Salons franchise owners love the deep ties they create with their communities and some love the lifestyle this business affords them. And of course, some of our owners love the fact that the investment required to open a Lemon Tree Hair Salons salon is markedly lower than any other haircut franchise or hair salon franchise. You have seen for yourself how with over 58 years in the salon industry, our management team has seen it all and is ready to support you in building a successful hair salon and beauty franchise!

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