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Curling & Smoothing Hair Stylist with Lemon Tree Hair Salons

At Lemon Tree Hair Salon, our professional hair stylists are experienced in basic and designer perms, as well as hair smoothing treatments.

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Locally Owned Family Salons Providing Value Priced Perms and Smoothing Treatments Near You!

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Lemon Tree Hair Salons is proud to be a national brand of locally owned and operated hair salons. We are a large family of professional hair salons, all locally owned and operated in many areas of the country. We at Lemon Tree Hair Salons are proud of our brand's rich history of providing high quality salon services at value pricing for the past 50 years! We value our amazing talent and are always excited to offer our full range of value priced, professional salon services, including Perms and Smoothing Treatments. So please, next time you find yourself searching online for "Perms and Smoothing Treatments near me", feel free to visit your local salon and discover for yourself the Lemon Tree difference!