Lemon Tree is a top rated salon franchise. Lemon Tree Hair Salons is proud to offer professional salon franchise opportunities.

The Semi-Absentee Opportunity

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If the idea of operating a semi-absentee salon franchise appeals to you, there are several ways to go about it.

Lemon Tree offers top opportunities for those interested in owning a haircut franchise.

Start Small, Scale Up Lemon Tree is proud to be one of the best salon franchises.

Many of our Franchise Owners start with one salon. Once they’ve seen initial success, they’re able to hire a store manager to take the lead and open a second salon. Our simple business model affords this scalability, allowing Franchise Owners to quickly build their own haircut franchise empire! If you’re interested in a multi-unit franchise opportunity like this, you can benefit from a franchise fee discount.

Keep Your Day Job Lemon Tree Hair Salons offers a semi-absentee opportunitiy for those interested in owning a salon franchise.

If you’re looking for additional income as a way to secure financial stability, our semi-absentee model is a smart investment. With a qualified manager taking charge, you’re able to focus on your primary means of employment or pursue other investment opportunities.

Lemon Tree offers top support to new owners within their haircut franchise.
Lemon Tree is offers multiple top haircut franchise opportunities.

Pursue Multiple Opportunities Lemon Tree is a top salon franchise in your local area.

As a third option, you could purchase a Lemon Tree haircut franchise, establish some forward momentum, then shift to semi-absentee status. At that point, you’re free to pursue other investment opportunities. For those who would like to diversify their interests by dabbling in multiple proven industries, this may be the path for you.

Our Franchise Owners love having the flexibility to approach salon ownership in whatever way works best for them.

Lemon Tree provides top opportunities to their salon franchise owners.
With over 58 years in the salon industry, our management team has seen it all and is ready to support you building a successful salon franchise.

A Look at the Numbers Lemon Tree Hair Salons is a top rated hair salon franchise.

Lemon Tree Hair Salons is a top rated haircut franchise with low investment costs.

The average investment ranges between $160,206-$218,572*.

Lemon Tree Hair Salons is a top salon franchise with low franchise fees.

The franchise fee for one store is $32,500*.

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Top gross sales are currently at $556,305*, with average gross sales at $398,432*.

With such outstanding economics and a proven business model, Lemon Tree is an easy choice for entrepreneurs.

*Numbers obtained from our 2021 FDD

Like the Sound of That? Lemon Tree Hair Salons is a top business that invests in their salon franchise owners.

Ready to look into owning a Lemon Tree salon franchise? Simply fill out the form below to let us know you’re interested. Should you wish to proceed from there, you’ll begin an eight-step journey toward ownership.

  1. An initial phone call is the first step and will help us get to know one another better.
  2. Next, you’ll participate in a 30-minute webinar in which you’ll learn what to expect as the process unfolds.
  3. We will send you a copy of our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) for full transparency.
  4. If you’re on board, then a clearance call is next. We will answer any questions you may have and discuss your eligibility.
  5. You’ll then attend a peer review session to learn more about what it’s like to operate one of our hair salons.
  6. Next, we’ll meet in person at our franchise headquarters in New York City to become better acquainted. You’ll also get the chance to visit one of our salons.
  7. You will have one final interview with the CEO of the company.
  8. If everything goes well, you will be notified of your acceptance as a Lemon Tree team member and we will award you a franchise!

"It's more than just belonging to a successful franchise. It's about being a part of a successful family of entrepreneurs."


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Whatever your path to ownership may look like, we’re happy to welcome you to the Lemon Tree family and will have your back every step of the way. You’ll feel empowered to move forward with the help of our thorough training program and ongoing, unparalleled support.

Find out if Lemon Tree is the right fit for you. Reach out today!

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