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As the owner of a beauty franchise, you can experience all the benefits of owning a business - professional growth, flexible schedule, high earnings - without any of the traditional costs associated with entrepreneurship. Lemon Tree is a leader in the beauty franchise industry with over 45 years of experience. The hair salon industry reaches $62 billion annually, and there is a 3% industry wide rise in sales with a 9-15% rise in family focused salons. Lemon Tree takes advantage of this favorable market with a fun environment and quality customer service.

Our family focused values and flexible, no appointment necessary hours, make us a number one choice among customers. When you open a beauty franchise with Lemon Tree, you have the opportunity to enjoy your work, feel challenged and satisfied, earn a high profit, and develop as a professional. This opens many doors for future business opportunities and/or early retirement!

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Not only does owning a Lemon Tree allow for financial independence and a flexible schedule, but it also creates a career path that you can be proud of. All of the money in the world doesn't address the need to create something worthwhile. With Lemon Tree haircut franchise, however, you can have a challenging, satisfying career. Running your own business is hard work, and the ability to do it successfully is extremely fulfilling. With support from corporate, you will never fall behind - our goal is your success. In addition to the satisfaction of success, you can also experience the benefits of a community focused career with a beauty franchise. As a family-orientated business, owning a Lemon Tree will allow you to create deep community ties and that is priceless. Call us today to learn more about your future with Lemon Tree.

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As the hair salon industry is extremely lucrative, many salons have attempted to franchise their business. Lemon Tree has spent over 4 decades trying to differentiate our business model, and we have succeeded in creating a business plan that boasts the lowest start up costs in the industry while allowing for semi-absentee ownership. This unique business model has allowed owners to grow exponentially, as there is plenty of room for opening multiple locations. Initial investments of a Lemon Tree beauty franchise run between $131,800-$179,000, with our top ten earners reaching $533,311 annually. Most of our salon owners have recovered a quick ROI and have gone on to open multiple locations increasing their earnings.

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Our business model allows for a semi-absentee ownership. Once your Lemon Tree location is open and running, you can hire a full time manager who takes care of the day-to-day while you exist as a behind the scenes owner. This flexibility makes it extremely easy to expand into multiple beauty franchise locations, pursue other business interests, or simply enjoy extra time at home with your family. With the haircut franchise industry leader Lemon Tree, anything is possible.

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