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At Lemon Tree, we understand the power of a makeover. With the proper tools and skills, you can transform something dull into beauty. This is a daily experience for the clients that visit our salons. Our talented stylists can take any hair and give it that professionally polished salon look in an instant.

Whether our customers want a simple cut to freshen up their natural style, or on the search for a complete change with color and other treatments, our stylists can create the look they desire. As an entrepreneur, you too can experience the positive effects of a good makeover! Our beauty franchise business model offers an opportunity that has the potential to bring you success and fulfillment.

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Franchising is the most sustainable model for business ownership. It allows you, as an entrepreneur, to experience all the benefits of business ownership without any of the risk. At Lemon Tree, we have worked hard to develop a beauty franchise model that maximizes all the benefits of franchising. We want our company to succeed, and that makes the success of our individual franchise owners a priority. Everyone who invests in our model will benefit from:

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Low Costs

We work hard to keep investment costs low. As a Franchise Owner, you’ll be provided with all the essentials to get your salon open and operating.

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To make things flow smoothly, we keep our operations incredibly simple. Are you interested in opening multiple locations? Simplicity is key to scalability.

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Excellent Unit Economics

Incredible low startup costs plus high AUV is a good place to start for ROI. With hard work, success may come easily.

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To ensure the success of our Franchise Owners, Lemon Tree offers a robust support program. Another positive aspect of the franchise model, corporate support means you’ll never be in business by yourself. When you join the Lemon Tree team, you’ll receive assistance in everything from startup and initial training to marketing, operations, supply chain, and financing. Our goal is your success, so you can count on us to help you navigate the beauty franchise industry. With 4 decades of experience, we have obtained extensive knowledge on operating a successful salon franchise and we happily share this knowledge with our team members.

Success, profit, independence, freedom, flexibility, challenge, fulfillment, and security - these are all things offered by a strong beauty franchise business opportunity. You can makeover your life and experience these things yourself with an investment into Lemon Tree. Contact us today to get started.

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