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Lemon Tree is a hair salon franchise for sale. With more than five decades of salon and franchise experience, Lemon Tree Hair Salons is an exceptional business model that has grown to 70+ locations in the United States. Our salon is a family salon offering services for all ages. We employ professional beauticians and stylists that are highly experienced in customer service. If you are looking for an exciting career that will make an impact in your community and are wanting to learn more about how to buy a hair salon, continue reading.

We can show you how and why you should consider partnering with Lemon Tree Hair Salons to start your career in the hair salon industry today.

Things To Consider Before Opening A Salon:

Like with any new business, there are things you should consider before opening the doors. The same applies to Lemon Tree Hair Salons: before you buy a hair salon, consider the moving parts.

Benefits of buying a hair salon franchise with Lemon Tree Hair Salons.

What Will It Cost You?

You’ll need to assess your finances and see how much you’re willing to stake in a franchise, especially one like Lemon Tree Hair Salons. The initial investment for Lemon Tree Hair Salons ranges between $172,462 - $240,739*. Of course, the actual costs will depend on the market.

Lemon Tree Hair Salons for sale.

What Does The Market Look Like Where You Live?

Are there a lot of hair salons in your area or will you be the first salon to open in your area? You don’t want to oversaturate the market in your area because that means more competition and less clientele. You’ll need to assess where you want to open a hair salon like Lemon Tree Hair Salons to best reap the benefits of business ownership.

Hair salons for sale - Lemon Tree Hair Salons.

How Much Do You Need To Live Comfortably?

How much money is too little or not enough? Are you opening a business to supplement an income or will it be your main income? Top Lemon Tree Hair Salons franchise owners see an average revenue of around $540,787*.

*Numbers obtained from our 2022 FDD

Self-employment often means going it alone in the business world. But what if you didn’t have to go it alone? You can reap the benefits of self-employment by going with a franchise!

The Pros Of Buying A Buy a hair salon with Lemon Tree Hair Salons. Lemon Tree Hair Salons Franchise

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When you buy a hair salon like Lemon Tree Hair Salons, you’re getting so much more than just a regular hair salon. You’re buying into a business that has over 50 years of experience. And with that experience comes a proven business model that has not only stood the test of time but has also seen the success of many franchise owners and hairstylists. When you invest in Lemon Tree Hair Salons, you’ll experience the following benefits that will help you navigate your career in hair salon ownership:

Corporate Support

As a franchise owner, your risk is even further reduced with corporate support. Lemon Tree Hair Salons, as the top beauty salon franchise for sale, offers some of the best support in the industry. With up to 50 hours of onsite training and up to 40 hours of classroom training, you will be fully prepared to run your salon. We also offer finance, marketing, supply chain, and ongoing support to all franchise owners.

Potential For Lasting Impression

First impressions matter, especially when you're the first hair salon franchise owner in an area. The good news is that as part of the Lemon Tree Hair Salons family, your first impression is guaranteed to be a great one because we'll be with you every step of the way and provide you with all the tools to ensure you start off on the right foot. What this means is that you'll capture the interest and gain the trust of customers as a reputable hair salon franchise.

Access To Better Resources

Every area is unique, and getting into a market first allows you the time to learn about the people and perfect your processes and services to reflect an area's needs. If a specific neighborhood is populated with artistic, creative types, then you can use that knowledge to staff your store with hairstylists who speak that language. Being the first to launch a Lemon Tree Hair Salons hair salon franchise in an area also allows you the time to establish a stronghold, especially if there aren't any existing chains.

Learn more about the benefits of buying a hair salon from Lemon Tree Hair Salons. The Lemon Tree Hair Salons Franchise: A Step In The Right Direction

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If you are interested in business ownership, Lemon Tree Hair Salons is the top choice among hair salons for sale. Lemon Tree Hair Salons is part of the $63 billion a year hair salon industry. Looking good is always a top priority, and thus the hair salon industry has proven to be recession-resistant. With the constant demand for coloring, cutting, and styling services, Lemon Tree Hair Salons has proven to be a successful business. Our salons are open early and close late, with no appointments necessary. Our flexible schedule reflects our strong core values for customer service. Years of positive reception and profitable business have resulted from Lemon Tree Hair Salons's top-quality hair cuttery services and customer service.

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