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Hair Care: An Essential Service

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While the economy's strength may ebb and flow, some business sectors maintain overall strength regardless of recessions. Every business has its growing pains and learning experiences, but a few key elements make hair care an essential service. As such, opening a hair salon can be a lucrative and recession resilient franchise opportunity for the following reasons.

Necessity for Lemon Tree Hair Salons's leaf logo - learn more about our recession resilient franchise. In–Person Services

While some businesses may fall to the wayside during recessions due to consumers opting for remote or budget options, hair care services are not as easily substituted. Switching to DIY hair care is not a viable option for many, especially for clients looking for high–quality coloring services or complex cuts. There's no way to cut or color someone's hair remotely, and most people are unlikely to try to self–teach. People need to visit the hair salon regardless of economic trends.

Maintenance Lemon Tree Hair Salons's logo - join our recession resilient franchise today! Requirement

Hair care is not a one–time thing. In addition to a need for true professionals, hair care requires maintenance. Hair grows, and color fades. Many hairstyles require constant touch–ups to avoid looking messy. Short hairstyles require frequent trimmings, color–treated hair needs ongoing glazing, color correction, or root touch–ups, and even long, non–colored hair requires ongoing trims to stay healthy.

The need for hairstyle maintenance keeps people coming to salons. When clients find a professional they can trust, they're even more likely to become repeat customers, even during economic uncertainty. Lemon Tree is a recession resilient franchise because we provide friendly, affordable and trustworthy services.

A woman getting her long, dark hair trimmed by one of Lemon Tree's professionals.

Lemon Tree is a recession resilient franchise opportunity - contact us to learn more! Personal Expression

In an economic downturn, people may go to restaurants less frequently or try to save on mail purchases. However, it takes extreme conditions to make people give up how they express themselves. Whether someone's style is understated and classic or bold and unique, hair is a core element of personal expression. Job hunters, professionals, and all individuals inherently value self–expression and individuality. Those attending job interviews, in particular, need to present themselves well and appear put together. While some industries see damage due to tighter budgets during recessions, self–care and hair salon services are considered recession resistant businesses because people want to maintain a sense of normalcy and self–confidence.

This Lemon Tree professional connects with a teenaged girl while drying her hair.

Emotional Lemon Tree Hair Salons's recession resilient franchise is a family favorite. Connection

In addition to the desire to look their best, appear professional, and take care of themselves, people also find meaningful personal connections at the hair salon. Clients often look forward to coming to the salon because of their conversations with their stylists. These emotional pulls cannot be replaced by remote experiences or at–home fixes, even for the simplest hair maintenance routines. The purely human aspect of hair care services makes them ideal for a recession resilient franchise.

An Attractive Option in a Lemon Tree Hair Salons's recession resilient franchise is a family favorite. Recessionary Climate

It’s natural to feel hesitant about new business ventures in the face of a possible economic downturn. Uncertainty is scary, and opening a business always comes with a degree of risk. However, opening a Lemon Tree allows entrepreneurs to tap into a recession resilient franchise market and serve their community by providing an essential service. The following factors allow hair salons to thrive, even during periods of economic downturn.

Adaptable Offerings

While some hair salon services require a healthy investment, others are much more affordable. Although salons may see fewer high-ticket services booked during a recession, it’s still possible to adapt to market demands and diversify service offerings. Basic haircuts and maintenance treatments can still keep a salon running comfortably. Lemon Tree salons are dedicated to providing quality salon care that’s not overpriced, making this an ideal recession resilient franchise.

Unbeatable Expertise

Maintaining a professional appearance is especially important to many people during periods of economic uncertainty. Attempting at-home haircuts or opting for an untrusted, unvetted salon is not an option for most customers. They need to know they are spending money on a service they can truly rely on. High-quality salons like Lemon Tree continue to see return customers thanks to unbeatable experts.


Coping with economic uncertainty can be incredibly stressful. It’s difficult to doubt whether your income is stable or whether you’ll need to make financial sacrifices. For many, going to the salon is a form of self-care that can help reduce stress and increase confidence. Salons with a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere provide an important service to the community through self-care opportunities.

The strength of the beauty industry and the essential nature of hair salons makes Lemon Tree a recession resilient franchise.

rest easy knowing you and your family are taken care of in a resilient franchise.

Why Lemon Tree Hair Salons has opportunities for those looking to franchise in a recession resilient industry. Lemon Tree?A Recession Resilient Franchise

While the hair care industry is considered to be recession resistant, not every hair salon will hold up equally well through an economic downturn. Lemon Tree offers high–quality hair care services at reasonable rates, making Lemon Tree the best choice for a recession resilient franchise when compared to lower–quality or extremely high–end salons.

With experienced professionals, quality care, and a community focus, Lemon Tree seeks to improve the lives of clients and Franchise Owners alike. Learn more about opening your own hair salon today!

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