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Starting A New Career With A TurnKey Franchise

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Whether because they are tired of working in corporate America, frustrated by a lack of control over their schedule or simply looking for a change, many people have looked to opening a franchise as a way to improve their quality of life as well as their financial security.

Franchises offer what many workers want most in their careers: flexibility, freedom and financial security. Although some may associate franchising primarily with fast food chains, there are hundreds of different types of franchises available for every type of investor, and while having experience in running a business can certainly help, most franchises provide support and ongoing training so that previous experience is not required.

Opening a franchise provides the benefits of running a business without the same level of risk associated with independent businesses. In fact, reports show that 92% of businesses are still open after two years, and 85% after five years, while only 30% of independent businesses remain open after ten years. Opening a turnkey franchise is a wonderful way to start a new career that offers you a foundation of support upon which you can build to achieve your goals.

Learn more about this affordable turnkey franchise industry. What Different Types of Franchises Are There?

There are many different kinds of franchises on the market. Each offers something different for owners in terms of what time and financial commitments are required to run the business. Some of the different types of franchise owner models include:

Some of the different types of franchise owner models include:

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Owner operated

In an owner-operator franchise, the owner plays a very hands-on role in the day-to-day running of the business. These owners work full time in their business, which allows them to build relationships with their employees and the customers that they serve. Owner-operators generally save money on not having to hire an on-site manager and is perfect for those wanting to be heavily involved.

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These owners generally work part-time hours at their franchise rather than full-time hours. This allows Franchise Owners to maintain a connection to their employees and customers while also having increased flexibility in their own schedule to maintain other employment or pursue other projects. Occasionally, Owners will begin their franchise as an owner-operator and then gradually move into a semi-absentee owner once the business is more established within a community and profits are more predictable.

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Master Franchise

Master franchisers are owners who maintain operations for a franchise over an entire area. This means that they generally manage several locations at a time and divide time between branches to assist in overseeing the success of each location.

What Is A Lemon Tree Hair Salons offers affordable turnkey franchise opportunities. Turnkey Franchise?

Turnkey franchises are the most supportive option for franchisers. In fact, franchisers who opt for a turnkey franchise have a much higher likelihood of success compared to other options because they benefit from the expertise of experts in the industry. Turnkey franchises, like Lemon Tree Hair Salons, provide assistance not just through the process of establishing a new location but in perpetuity.

This model allows for an expedited process from day one to Grand Opening, meaning a much faster ROI and a proven plan for success in maintaining manageable growth and continued success.

Learn more about this affordable turnkey franchise industry. What Experience Do You Need?

Many assume they need directly related work experience to become a Franchise Owner. However, as a turn key franchise, Lemon Tree is a “no experience necessary” opportunity. You don’t have to have hair stylist or salon experience to become a Franchise Owner! Instead, we’re looking for candidates who have the following experience:

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Whether you choose a semi-absentee model or manage the salon yourself, the communication and organizational skills that come with management experience are extremely valuable. With various employees to manage and countless details to oversee on any given day, any experience you have managing employees or a business will come in handy.

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Franchise Owners with Lemon Tree benefit from ongoing support, training, and an excellent business reputation. At the same time, there are always more opportunities to strategically and creatively market your franchise! Marketing experience is beneficial for those hoping to become a Franchise Owner.

Own an affordable franchise with Lemon Tree.

Business ownership

Those who have previously owned a business or franchise will be prepared to become Franchise Owners. Because Lemon Tree offers a semi-absentee option, the ability to run a business is more important than knowledge about cutting hair, for example. The most essential skills and requirements are the ones used outside the salon, running the business itself.

What Specific Benefits Does Lemon Tree Hair Salons is the affordable franchise opportunity for you. Franchising With Lemon Tree Hair Salons Offer?

As the last year has shown, the beauty industry is resilient in any environment. Hair needs to be cut no matter the circumstances, and Lemon Tree Hair Salons has maintained success thanks to our dedication to provide low-cost, high-quality service to our families in our full-service hair salons. Our salons are built on a foundation of more than 50 years of experience with a passion for the best of customer service, and high standards of excellence. When you are in a Lemon Tree Hair Salons as Owner, employee, or customer, you are treated like family!

As a dedicated Paul Mitchell distributor, we provide top-of-the-line services including gorgeous cuts, luxurious blow-outs, and social-media-ready coloring.

We have spent years perfecting a way to reduce the initial investment requirements for our Franchise Owners without impacting their potential for revenue, which makes us the most affordable beauty and turnkey franchise on the market. Not only is our turnkey model affordable, but it also allows our Owners incredible amounts of flexibility in how they operate day in and day out.

Start your affordable franchise today with Lemon Tree Hair Salons.

Some of our owners maintain a different day-job and turn over the daily operations to fantastic managers. Others work full-time and maximize their profits while also building relationships with clients. Whatever your needs, Lemon Tree Hair Salons is there to support you in fulfilling your business goals. Don’t take our word for it, though. We encourage our owners to do their research. We believe that our incredible support system and high revenue margins will speak for themselves.

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