Lemon Tree Hair Salon reviews Lemon Tree Hair Salon reviews

Lemon Tree Hair Salon in Catskill

Great place to get ur hair done. Friendly staff. They do great work
Niki 03/25/24 — google
I’ve been going to lemon tree the last few years! Katie has always been the one to do my hair. This time she slayed with the red! All of these ladies are great and really listen to you and your wants.
Keli Hasbrouck 03/2/24 — google
Fantastic customer service! I originally went here because my usual place for haircuts was closed unexpectedly! And I was in dire need of a haircut, beard trim, and facial hair waxing session! But, after speaking with one of the workers over the phone, their great customer service convinced me to give them a try! They answered all my questions thoroughly, which ranged from service to billing questions, and got me in right away! Literally! Within five minutes of my initial phone call, I was already in one of their chairs waiting for my haircut/beard trim/facial hair waxing combo! I had never been there before, and it was hard describing the type of haircut that I wanted. But the hairstylist there was so kind that she stuck by my side and took the extra bit of time to keep adjusting my haircut length until I felt comfortable, and finally approved of the final length! She had patience, courtesy, and kept a smile on her face the entire time! It was a pleasure going there, and I do think I'll be going there again next time! The prices were comparable to the other major hairstylist place in town, literally the same price I think, but one thing this location has over the other is that there is no lack of staff here. They have enough hairstylists to be open literally seven days a week for a variety of hours! Which I think will benefit me more personally moving forward as well! As when I need a haircut, I'm sort of a "Need a haircut now" sort of person, and don't like to wait very long for appointment times! ESPECIALLY if I have an important date coming up! The flexibility of this location I think will prove to be invaluable in the future. And they also accept walk ins! Though, if you're a walk in without an appointment, do expect that there may be a wait time, just like anywhere else! But I really enjoyed the atmosphere of this place! It's also vastly more colorful and pleasing on the eyes when walking in as well and surprisingly larger than one might think from the outside! In fact, I'd say it's even larger than the other major hairstylist place that I typically go to here in the Village! So I do think I'll be coming here again in the future! We shall see with time! But one thing's for sure: Their Customer Service truly was above and beyond and their flexibility is truly wonderful! They left a very positive impression on me and I'm happy to rate them 5 stars! They deserve it! From Karie to Amanda and Andrea, you're all awesome! I love all your personalities and I guarantee we'll meet again! Until next time! Thank you for the very memorable first impression! I look forward to visiting you all again in the nearby future, for sure! When I next need a haircut, beard trim, and facial hair waxing session once more, haha! For a lesson in good customer service - come here! They'll make you feel welcome and you won't regret it! Trust me! 5/5 all the way through!
Miguel Cruz 02/27/24 — google
Professional very nice. I just wish I could afford them.
Martha Ivery 02/2/24 — google
I love my hair. Best haircut in a long time. Kari was my stylist. Plus we had some laughs too.
Don 01/12/24 — google
did amazing job on my hair cut
Jessica Langton 12/23/23 — facebook
The ladies at the Catskill location are so friendly and gentle when styling my hair!
Sarah Rankin 12/22/23 — google
Been going there 14 years. Amanda is the best.
Lisa Barbieri 11/7/23 — google
Amanda is the best!
Tina Fox 11/6/23 — google
Stylist cut my hair shorter then I asked for. Everything else was good.
Melissa Tanis 11/4/23 — google
I was very pleased with my experience here, I was five minutes early for my appointment time and waited 6 minutes.
Michael Sutton 10/25/23 — google
Katie was awesome!
Jane Tripp 07/30/23 — google
Catelinn was very good!!! Washed cut and styled my hair!!!
Mary Reinhart 07/20/23 — google
I really do not enjoy going to a salon very much, because I can usually do it myself, being I took cosmetology in high school. But I'm getting alittle older now and I get tired alittle quicker these days. So I visited the Lemon tree today for happy hour. Kari was my hair stylist. Such a sweet girl. She asked me what I was looking for? I told her several different things I'd like her to dofor my hair, (which was an absolute mess and knotty because of color treatment and humidity and rain today.) Kari did everything exactly as I said! She even asked and showed me the length she was about to cut before doing it. I also appreciated how gentle she was while combing my difficult hair. Thankyou Kari. It was a pleasure having you cut my hair today! See you again!
B Green 07/12/23 — google
Being new to the area, I made an appointment at Lemon Tree with Amanda reading the reviews she came highly recommended. She did not disappoint me. I had my hair colored, highlighted and cut with a style. Amanda did a beautiful job. I’m very happy with the results. I have found my new hairdresser. Very pleasant and comfortable atmosphere.😊
Lisa Crispell 07/3/23 — google
Amanda for the win! She amazing. Even after I moved to Florida 2 years ago I still fly home to get my hair done 4 times a year. Her highlight game is on point!!
Jennifer Middaugh 06/6/23 — google
This salon is the best! It's the only hair salon that does not leave me crying in the parking lot afterwards. Thank you Jamie! You all do an incredible job. Fast and kind service.
Mallory Breen 05/31/23 — google
I have been coming here for years to have Amanda do my hair! She's hands down the best stylist I have ever had. I drive an hour each way just for her, and I don't plan on stopping any time soon!! I always leave refreshed and happy 😊
Heather Socci 05/30/23 — google
jamie AND rachel have both cut my hair and they both do a wonderful job! keep up the good work ladies
viperobsessed89 05/18/23 — google
Made an appointment with Rachel who with my first visit was a perfect style that I requested, the appointment for today was on schedule and she was SLAY !!!
Frank Fata 05/16/23 — google
I’ve been going for about a year now and my daughter goes as well.. We see Amanda and have never been disappointed!! She’s great with color, highlights, cuts and gives excellent advice about caring properly for your hair type!!!
Megan Edwards 05/15/23 — google
Jamie did an outstanding job and I could be happier with my hair!
Kayla Curry 05/15/23 — google
My GF finally convinced me to let Mia trim my long hair and have to admit she was right, Mia did a great job! She cleaned up my neck area nicely and even trimmed my unruly eyebrows! I’ll definitely be back!
George Hewitt 05/15/23 — google
Finally someone that gets me!!!! Mia sure knows that ladies like change! Sometimes I want to be a brunette, or a redhead, and lately a blond, but everything in between is not an easy task and somehow she figures out how to make my hair look beautiful!!! Ohhh and did I mention that she gives the best blow outs? Not kidding, she can transform my thick, long, curly hair into shiny, (now blond) beautiful hair that will last for days! She’s definitely a keeper!
Nilda Rodriguez 05/15/23 — google
Mia is the best! She's cut my hair for years and I always love her work.
Nicole Frangione 05/14/23 — google
Amanda is amazing!! She has been doing my hair and my daughters for a few years. She is very flexible, patient and creative with hair styles!! All the girls there are very good. If you get a chance stop In you wont be disappointed.
Rebecca Komaromi 05/14/23 — google
Lemon Tree is outstanding! Everyone is super friendly and talented, always wanting to please. I need careful cutting and styling on my hair, and Jamie is superb. She listens and doesn't impose "her way," which so many stylists do. She offers suggestions; I usually accept them because they are so good! We are fortunate to have Lemon Tree in our area.
Lee Anne Morgan 05/13/23 — google
Karie is amazing. I don't like the typical buzz, when I explained this to Karie, she got it. And gets a my cut right every time. She is the absolute best. My go to!!
Silas Williams 05/11/23 — google
I have been going to lemon tree for several years since my girl Amanda started working there..I would not go to anybody else..she is the best
veronica jara 05/10/23 — google
I have been coming here for years! I have always gone to Amanda. She is so professional, knowledgeable, caring, and you can tell she absolutely love what she does. I am never disappointed when leaving her chair. As years went on, she knew me by name even if I didn’t come in often. She always knew what I needed and just the right style. I recommend her to anyone and everyone!
Destiny Blakeslee 05/9/23 — google
They are very professional especially Amanda. All I had to do was explain what haircut I needed and she knew what it was and it turned out great. I recommended Amanda to everyone.
Lucas Breckenridge 05/9/23 — google
The business is a pleasurable experience from when you walk in the door until you the ladies are complete with you They are kind courteous and they certainly make sure you get what you went there for It's a must go see yourself and have a hairdo time today.
Theresa Page 05/9/23 — google
I have been a satisfied customer of Amanda since Lemon Tree came to Catskill. She never disappoints! Amanda even performed magic on the day of my daughter's wedding with her styling skills making each bridal party member beautiful on her special day.
Joanne Vanalstyne 05/9/23 — google
Amanda is amazing!! She has been doing my hair and my daughters hair for a few years now. She is patient, kind and does an awesome job with different hair styles. All the girls there are very nice. If you get a chance stop in and get your hair done you won’t be disappointed.
Becca Komo 05/9/23 — facebook
I have been going here for a very long time all the girls are great, especially Amanda who has been my family's hair and of course mine for a very long time! She knows what we need pr want everytime and does an amazing job! We love her!!
dAwn FountAIN 05/9/23 — google
Jamie made me satisfied with the hair Thank you Jamie❤️
Tomz Zery 05/8/23 — google
Lemon Tree is a great place to make you look your best. I have been going to Jamie for some time. She is an artist. She’s passionate about making people look and feel their best. She does not whip through the haircut or color and will take time making any adjustments you feel you want. I’ve been getting compliments as a result of her work. You can but your trust in her with all your hair needs. I highly recommend going to her.
Robin MacKay 05/8/23 — google
I had a color correction/toner application done with Karie yesterday and she did a wonderful job! I have never been to this salon before but I am so glad I made the decision to come in even on a busy day otherwise I would have never been able to fix the previous coloring mess that was in my hair. Much more affordable prices here versus what many other salons in the nearby area want for the same processes and the people working here were very welcoming and fun to talk with while my hair was being done. Will definitely be back in the future!
Jean Bailey 05/7/23 — google
I've been here numerous times. Mia is my hairdresser, she's amazing! Always happy with results.
Ann Evans 05/7/23 — google
Both experiences I’ve had have been amazing. Stylists here are friendly, provide feedback and answer questions, and provide a warm environment.
Shannon Richardson 05/7/23 — google
I have always been happy with my haircuts from Mia and she is the only person who can get my hair to curl and stay curled! Highly recommend!!
Brittany Evans 05/6/23 — google
Jamie is by far the best hair stylist I have ever been to. She took the time to get to know me and what I was looking for with my hair. I brought in a picture for reference and she gave me the exact hair cut I wanted. The color was challenging. I wanted a purplish silver kind of combo. It took some creativity and patience but I ended up with exactly what I wanted. Jamie has so much knowledge and determination to make sure her clients end up with exactly what they want AND MORE! I hope she sticks around for a long long time because I NEED her! Oh and she's SUPER sweet too!
Tina Curley 05/5/23 — google
My recent appointment was with Jamie. She was very friendly. She listened to the ideas I had for my hair and also offered input.
Kristy C 05/4/23 — google
This is the only place my 6 year old son will go to for a haircut and the only place I’ll bring him to. He has sensory disorders and ADHD. They’re extremely patient with him and make him feel very comfortable every time. He used to hate getting his hair cut but now he enjoys it.
j T 01/26/23 — google
The girls there are always very nice and very friendly. I've only gone twice because I don't really get my hair cut all that often. The 2 times I have gone they have done an amazing job! The stylists actually listen to what you say, and will give you the haircut of your dreams!!! To top it all off it's extremely affordable!! Lemon tree is my go to place!
Anna Sweeney 01/19/23 — google
Such a great place! Anyone looking to get their hair done, this is the place to go! Super friendly staff.
Isabella Neal 11/23/22 — google
Katie always does a great job on my Lasio Karatin Treatment. The ladies present were busy and efficient. Good upbeat vibes with fun chatter among customers and stylists.
Jasmine Adams 11/5/22 — google
Catelinn did a wonderful job on my hair. I recently moved from NM and my Aunt has been doing my hair my whole life so I was a little nervous to have someone new do my hair…but it looks absolutely incredible. I also have a thick head of hair and she took her time and gave me exactly what I asked for. I’ll definitely be back.
Caitlin Duree 10/16/22 — google
Only place I get my haircut. Manager Jamie is wonderful.
Lance Pagliuca 10/6/22 — google
Amanda is absolutely amazing. She always knows what to do to make me feel like a million when I leave. Her suggestions are greatly appreciated. She is tremendously skilled at her craft and a complete joy as an individual. Thank you!
Melinda McCool 09/19/22 — google
My appointment with Catelinn M exceeded my expectations. She was great. Thank you, Catelinn!!!!
Kat McElroy 09/5/22 — google
These women God bless for taking there time cutting hair dying it perming it how the way we want our hair cut and taking extra time for us especially our children you guys are awesome five stars for me they are all so respectful women they do awesome on hair all of them and thank you for being who you are and that's being a beauty salon xoxo
Veronica Ahearn (Italian Stallion) 08/14/22 — google
I absolutely adore Katie! She is fantastic. She helped me with my walker which she didn’t have to do. I will definitely be going back there again.
Kylie Helsley 08/13/22 — google
I had Jordan and I can’t express how much I love my hair. I’m a quiet person and I told her I was nervous and she was great. I recommend her highly. Here’s a picture of my hair.
Shannon Lamphier 08/3/22 — facebook
AMAZING.. my daughter is in a wheelchair and it is very accessible. We were welcomed with a smile. My daughter went to make an appointment but they could do it that day! They were very kind and understanding. Her hair looks amazing!! 😍 we will be back!!
Becky Helsley 05/6/22 — google
I had a fantastic experience here. I will definitely return!
Deidre Breen 04/23/22 — google
My son loves to get his haircut here.
Renee Ryan 04/17/22 — google
I just stopped in to the Lemon Tree /Catskill to make an appt with Mia P. for a trim and consultation about my color transition options. Mia always has a great suggestions that always works for my hair. This time , the Toner she put in is perfect. My hair cut even better than the last time. Thank you, Mia for making my day and all the compliments I receive because of you!!!!
sharon stclair 04/15/22 — google
Excellent service with thoughtful hairstylists. I am always pleased with the exceptional service and high quality work.
Melinda McCool 04/12/22 — google
Nice salon, always clean and easy scheduling!
timeranout76 Kate 04/4/22 — google
Katie is great
Mark Scarantino 02/9/22 — google
Friendly, professional and excellent mens hair cut from Jamie.
Emmanuel A (epajet) 12/31/21 — google
I have been going to Mia for years for my hair and so has a friend of mine. She does a great job cutting my hair and the price is really reasonable.I highly recommend her.
Atossa Kia (DJ LP) 12/15/21 — google
I don't trust just anyone with my hair and Mia always does a beautiful job when I get my hair done/cut. 10/10 would recommend!
Brittany Evans 12/15/21 — facebook
Mia is excellent recommend her
harvey watts 12/11/21 — google
I love 5he lemon tree hair salon everyone is so nicexand makes you feel very welcome there.🤗
Lois Ferraro 11/5/21 — google
Last minute cut before school and we are very pleased with Jamie... thanks 😊 ... receptionist Sienna was kind friendly and professional. THANKS AGAIN.
ginabean theoriginalwindjunkie 09/12/21 — google
Got a haircut. they did a GREAT JOB
Mark Shackelton 08/31/21 — google
My son and I always go for haircuts with Jamie and recommend to family and friends
Clinicalbill 06/30/21 — google
Great service.. Great cut
Amy Daley 06/23/21 — google
Jamie!!!!! Awesome color and cut! I have spent a lot of time in NYC, went to high end salons, and spent A LOT of money.....Jamie is better!
jenny vidbel 06/17/21 — google
Very kind stylists
phatpatdachef 06/6/21 — google
Amazing haircut. Thanks Jamie. You're the best!!!!
Bill English 04/7/21 — google
Amanda was really great and cut my hair the way I asked. She is very good at her job and the conversation was nice. I will be going back to her again the next time.
Stephen O. 02/27/21 — yelp
My husband swears by it goes every 2 weeks love this place and the ppl that work there are so nice as well
Krystil Bennett 02/19/21 — google
Safe. Quick. Efficient. And lovely staff.
I_am Lavitz 11/7/20 — google
Hairdresser Katie Reyes is awesome..she can cut style..bring you class n swagger..check her out..let her give you a cut above the rest.
Billie Hanusik 09/22/20 — google
Love the salon Love the stylist Jamie
Kathleen Wendt 08/6/20 — google
First time I've been there Jamie did my hair and did a wonderful job! The shop is clean and friendly on top of doing a great job on my hair. I will be back and will tell my friends and family to come here.
Liz 08/5/20 — google
My boy got a nice cut done the other day. Last month as they were reopening I also got a trim. Friendly people smiling under their masks...
Lydia w 07/26/20 — google
This is the only place I come where Julian gets it right 100% of the time. Great place great people 💜
Heather Bier 12/1/19 — google
julian cut my hair today. in catskill ny. really great cut (he did exactly what i asked for) & did a beautiful blow out. yaaaay !
corinne ramos 07/19/19 — google
Amanda is the best -- she's been here for over 10years. I've had styles by a number of stylists (and trims and deep conditions/blow-outs). I'm usually pretty satisfied. Amanda is the one I trust for a hair dye!!
Li S 07/7/19 — google
Great place. Great staff.
J J Daa boss 03/31/19 — google
Julian cut and styled my hair and I have never been so happy with how my hair has turned out. He is awesome at his craft and I highly recommend him! He knows how to cut hair and he's great company!
Lori Lepage 03/25/19 — facebook
Had a awesome cut color and highlights by Julian. He is very professional and listens to exactly what you want. I am so happy I finally found a stylist that does a amazing job. I highly recommend him.
Stacey Blanden 03/6/19 — facebook
Amanda has been cutting my hair for almost 10 years. She is amazing and is the highlight of the shop. She should own her own shop she has such a following there. My 4 year old daughter even loves her.
Nicole Leeann 03/3/19 — facebook
I have been going to the lemon tree since it used to be called the cutting crew..Amanda is my hair dresser she is amazing..super professional and always listens to what do you want..I will not go to any other hairdresser she is the best I highly recommend her you will be very happy 😃
Veronica Jara-Boria 03/3/19 — facebook
Amanda is truly amazing and very friendly. She never fails to make my hair look awesome and just how I wanted. Not only are her coloring skills excellent, but she always achieves the perfect cut I’m looking for. I’ve been seeing her for over a year and I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my hair. She did my hair for my wedding and my bridal party and they all came out absolutely beautiful 😍 I highly recommend Amanda if you’re going for the perfect look! She will not fail to amaze you.
Adrianna Joy 03/1/19 — facebook
Amanda is the only one we let cut our hair! Myself, my husband and our two girls would trust no one else with our hair care! Everything from a cut and style, to dye, and every day care. If you're looking for someone with a true eye for style, Amanda is the one you need to see! ♡
Victoria Pneuman 03/1/19 — facebook
I had Robyn do my hair. Did exactly what I asked. Will definitely be going back for her.
Team Davila 02/27/19 — google
Julian does an amazing job with my hair. I highly recommend him!
Donna Mickle-Cornelison 02/27/19 — facebook
Julian always does such an amazing job with my color and adds his special touch to styling. He is always welcoming and friendly, try him for your next style.
Pamela Overbaugh Wright 02/24/19 — facebook
My experience at lemon tree has always been awesome, I am extremely picky and my hair is blonde and I must say that Julian knows EXACTLY what to do with my hair, he’s extremely talented and my color and haircut last month got 350 likes between Facebook and Instagram and everyone is asking me who did my hair!!..my friend used him as well and she said she only wants him anymore, he’s super nice, extremely talented, Thank you Julian your the best hair dresser colorist I know ❤️
Leslie Friedman Taliercio 02/21/19 — facebook
Had my hair cut a few times by Julian he styled my hair beautifully while I had my long hair and gave me an amazing cut when I was tired of the long hair life. Workers are very nice I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for an awesome style or trim. Thank you!!
Dannel Morales 02/20/19 — facebook
Lemon Tree is an great salon with expert sylists, specifically Julian Normand. Julian cuts and colors my hair beautifully. He has a lot of experiance and is always up to date with the latest styles. He himself is one rad dude so it's only natural he brings a cool hip vibe to the place!
Angela Pugliese 02/19/19 — facebook
Quick and professional. Clean and bright.
Michael Rowen 11/5/18 — google
Amanda is the greatest hair stylist ever been coming to here for years to see her😀
abbie whaley 08/27/18 — google
I have had my license for over 20 years owned an operated a salon in Cairo for 10 years. I’ve been working here going on a year. I must say my coworkers are the best people to work with ,love them all!! Nothing like other salons actually we all get ago.
Laura Giovanniello-Wiley 02/27/18 — facebook
Love them. Especially my Twin Stylist, before there and them I trusted no one. They are truly amazing professional and show love and respect to their clients, making it a pleasurable and wonderful experience
SYLVIA ALVARADO 02/18/18 — google
They were very nice , and did a great job.I actually look 10 years younger.
Patricia Cole-Clark 02/7/18 — facebook
I had the pleasure of working at the Lemon Tree in Catskill and i learned more from Justine and Ally in a short period of time than what I learned in 9 months of beauty school. I was treated well by all staff and there is a friendly vibe to their team. It's a family oriented business. Please if you want a great haircut, see any of their stylist. I have to say Justine and her sister Ashlee had the biggest impact on my early journey to being a great stylist. They grew up in a family of stylist and their talent blew me away. I sat and watched them work their magic. Yes I would love to work for them again when I get my permanent license and have more experience. Thank you so much for giving me this learning opportunity. Thank you Justine for the tips on how to do better. You are the nicest person with the kindest heart! Merry Christmas :)
Kerri Cedeno 12/22/17 — facebook
Love this place, told how I wanted my hair cut and went beyond making my hair look so good! Thank you Justine!
Marian Miller Hess 12/7/17 — facebook
This salon is now called the Lemon Tree. I was a walk in and Ally graciously greeted me and made me feel right at home. I did a cut and color and he did an awesome job. The color matched perfectly and the cut looks great. I'll definitely be a repeat customer. Highly recommend!!
Kathy E. 12/6/17 — yelp
Always friendly and a great place to get a cut, iv been going for the past 2 years
Matt Hartman 11/25/17 — facebook
Barbara is the absolute best. must catch her on her days in the salon, maybe even take a seat to wait on her. She's THAT good!!!!! Not to take away from Amanda who was once the Boss lady.. She is also amazing... Go check the place out. well worth your time and money.which is also reasonably priced
Elena Alissa 09/15/17 — facebook
I had a great experience yesterday!!! My stylist was Sarah. She colored my hair the exact shade I wanted, and did a beautiful job on the cut also!! I definitely left a very happy customer, and I'm continuing to get positive feedback on social media!!! Will be back again!!!!
Barbie Ann 11/10/16 — facebook
Love this place! I travel from Hudson to get my hair cut here!! This the only place to cut my hair the way I like!
DAVID MAURER 10/18/16 — google
I happened to walk in there back in May (2010) for the first time. Dawn cut my hair and she was great!
Violet R. 09/11/10 — yelp
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