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If you're frustrated after applying coat and coat of mascara only to be left with a clumpy mess of lashes, you're not alone. Those stunning, long lashes that are so common on the red carpet cannot be achieved with mascara alone. You'll need professional eyelash extensions to achieve this glamorous look. Lemon Tree Hair Salon in Lawton offers classic, hybrid, and volume eyelash extensions as well as lash refills and lash removal.

lemon tree family hair salon near me Lawton

Classic Eyelash Extensions

Our classic eyelash extensions are lightweight for a comfortable feel and customizable to your eye and brow shape. Classic sets enhance your natural lashes so they appear longer and more voluminous. Lash extensions require minimal care and can last up to six weeks. Regular refills can maintain long, dark lashes indefinitely.

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Eyelash Extensions in Lawton

If you're looking for eyelash extensions that provide a beautiful, natural look, you've come to the right salon! The eyelash artists of Lemon Tree Hair Salon in Lawton are experienced professionals who promise stunning results. Every lash is applied individually for an all-natural look. We follow the highest standards of quality and sanitation, ensuring safe and professional results. Ready to bat those long, voluminous lashes? Contact us today to make an appointment!

lemon tree family hair salon near me Lawton

Eyelash Extensions Lemon Tree Hair Salon

Final prices given after our honest consultation. For a new full set, we require the purchase of a $12 lash maintenance kit. We charge a $5 fee for makeup removal if not removed prior to appointment.

Eyelash Extensions

Classic Lashes

Starting at $100

Hybrid Lashes

Starting at $120

Volume Lashes

Starting at $140

Lash Removal

Starting at $25
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Locally Owned Family Salons Providing Value Priced Lash Extensions in Lawton

Lemon Tree Hair Salon - Lawton is proud to be a locally owned and operated hair salon. We are part of a larger family of Lemon Tree Hair Salons, all locally owned and operated in many areas of the country. We at Lemon Tree Hair Salon - Lawton are proud of our brand's rich history of providing high quality salon services at value pricing for the past 45 years!

We value our amazing talent and are always excited to offer our full range of value priced, professional salon services, including Lash Extensions. So please, next time you find yourself searching online for "Lash Extensions near me" in Lawton, feel free to stop by and discover for yourself the Lemon Tree difference!

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