Our salon is now OPEN!

Our salon is now OPEN!

DIY Hair Styling Tips From Professional Merrick Hair Stylists

Just because most of your events may have been cancelled doesn't mean you need to sacrifice looking good! As social distancing keeps people across the nation indoors, many events are now taking place via Facetime or Zoom. You can still make that workout class, have brunch with your friends or attend a work meeting. What you probably can't do, however, is make it to the salon for the perfect professional stylist look. But don't worry, Lemon Tree Salon has compiled a list of easy DIY hairstyles that will make you look good, even on camera.

  1. Side-Swept Braid
    A sultry twist on a classic, the side-swept braid is perfect for any occasion. First, create some volume by teasing the top sections of your hair. Then, begin french braiding, pulling all sections to one side as you go. Tie off the braid with an elastic and set your look with your favorite texturizing spray.
  2. Messy Bun
    For date night, either in your favorite restaurant or from your own dining room, a messy bun is the perfect look. Beautiful yet somehow effortless, the messy bun is simple. Start with a curling iron to add some texture and volume. Then, tie your hair into a loose ponytail, separate into 2-3 sections and tease each section for more volume. Wrap the individual sections, then twist into a bun and secure with bobby pins.
  3. Half Up-Do
    A polished look perfect for virtual meeting, the half up do is simple to create. Just tease the hair near the crown of your head and then pull it smoothly back. Tie into a ponytail or small bun and add additional volume to the rest of your hair with a curling iron.

When social distancing sanctions have lifted and you're ready to leave your house in search of a professional hair stylist in Merrick, Lemon Tree will be open and ready to serve you!

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