Shabana Zahoor

Owner Lemon Tree Store Port Jefferson Station

My name is Shabana Zahoor and I am the proud owner of Lemon Tree, Port Jefferson Station, New York. My journey with this franchise started in 1997, I was fresh out of cosmetology school and beginning my career as a hairdresser. While being on break one day, I was thinking to myself how much I’d love to own this salon. In August of 2000, my dream became reality as I became a proud owner of my first Lemon Tree.

I started this journey as a mother of four young children and it was not easy. My schedule needed to be flexible, I had to be close to home and my children’s schools. Working with a family oriented franchise gave me the ability to be available for my children as needed while they are growing up.

I’ve always appreciated a good challenge and have victoriously battled through them. Without the help of my Lemon Tree family and the franchise working together as a team on every level it would have been impossible.


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