Lemon Tree is a top rated haircut salon franchise. Lemon Tree is one of the best salon franchises.

Lemon Tree: Your Very Own Hair Salon

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Lemon Tree is a top rated salon franchise that can help those interested in owning their own hair salon.

There could be a lot of reasons for wanting to open your own hair salon. Maybe you even dream of running multiple salons and expanding from there. In either scenario, if you can see yourself efficiently managing a family friendly, successful, profitable business, look no further than Lemon Tree Family Salons.

Some of our Franchise Owners like to be at the center of the action: greeting customers as they walk through the door, coordinating the stylists’ schedules, tracking sales and running payroll. Others prefer the semi-absentee ownership model. They’d rather hire the right manager to work onsite, leaving them to enjoy greater freedom and flexibility. No matter which role you choose to play, if you have natural leadership capabilities, excellent managerial skills and a strong customer service mindset, you’re an ideal candidate for this opportunity!

"There's a huge potential to continue expanding and growing this business. I aim to have 10 salons up and running."


Franchise Owner - New York

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Get started owning your own hair salon with the hiarcut franchise opportunities offered by Lemon Tree.

A Great Addition To Any Community Lemon Tree is a top haircut franchise that can help those that want to own a hair salon.

The families and neighbors in your area will love having a salon they can step into where they feel welcome, where services aren’t over-priced, and where all their hair care needs can be met. Our haircut franchise has been offering just that for 45 years now. Anyone looking for a cut, style, hair color, facial waxing or blowout knows they’ll find it at Lemon Tree.

  • Our salons were designed to appeal to parents, children, young adults, and seniors alike.
  • Customers appreciate that they can drop in seven days a week (five evenings a week) without needing an appointment.
  • Our community outreach and marketing efforts have led to excellent brand recognition that people know and respect.
  • Those who enter our doors can tell we’re not just in it for the money. They like our personalized approach and sincere way of caring for each individual.

Lemon Tree is one of the best in the haircut franchise industry. Why Lemon Tree?

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1. Overall Industry Growth

According to the US Department of Labor there were more than 650,000 people that earned their cosmetology licenses in the United States in 2014. The  Bureau of Labor Statistics also show an expected 10 percent growth rate for hairdressers through 2024, a faster-than-average growth rate compared to other occupations.

2. New Products & Services

Hair care is expanding at an incredible rate with new technologies emerging every year. Everything from shampoos that make hair less likely to break, to cutting-edge styling techniques that improve the overall look of hair are some just examples of how advancements in hair care technology will keep the industry growing at a steady pace.

3. Baby Boomers Growth

Baby-boomers are the first generation of a new era of people fighting against their own aging. This has lead to a growing market for complex hair treatments like hair replacement therapy, as well as new advancements in hair coloring. As the Baby-boomer generation continues to be a growing demographic, the expectation is that it will only increase business in the hair care industry.

4. Incredible Demand

No matter how rocky the United States economy becomes, looking good is still something most people will put as a priority in life. As the country recovered from the 2008 recession, the New York Times in 2011 reported that even though that hard economic time, the hair industry still saw surges of growth. These reports only support the idea that owning a beauty salon franchise has the potential to be a wise investment.

Let's Talk Numbers Invest in your future of owning your own hair salon with the experts at Lemon Tree Hair Salons.

Although it depends on the location, if you want to start your own hair salon through Lemon Tree, the average start-up fees range between $160,206-$218,572*. That includes leasehold improvements, inventory and supplies and initial working capital. The franchise fee for one store is $32,500* unless you’re opening multiple units within a certain time frame, which would lead to discounted rates. Our initial financial requirements are based on $100,000* in liquid capital and a net worth of $220,000*.

Many prospective Franchise Owners wonder how much they can make running a haircut franchise through Lemon Tree. At the top end, our most profitable stores are seeing $556,305* in annual revenues with half of our total stores averaging $398,432*. If you do your homework, you’ll learn that these numbers are hard to beat when compared with other full-services hair salons.

While there are few guarantees when it comes to running your own business, there’s one thing of which you can be sure: with a focus on providing quality service, competitive pricing, and always making customer satisfaction a priority, you will be successful.

*Numbers obtained from our 2022 FDD
Lemon Tree is a professional haircut franchise that provides top support to new franchise owners.

Join a family friendly haircut franchise that will welcome you like you’re one of the family! Feel free to reach out today.

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