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Start a Strong and Stable Beauty Franchise with Lemon Tree

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beauty salon franchise Start a Strong and Stable Business with Lemon Tree

Each and every business comes with some sort of risk, but a stable industry can help balance that out. As fluctuation is characteristic of our economy, it's important to invest in an industry that has proven successful in past decades. Lemon Tree, a hair salon franchise with nearly 55 years of experience, has been able to flourish in both economic downturn and boom of the past 5 decades.

Beauty Salon Franchise

What the Hair Salon Industry Looks Like in a Recession

When the economy drops, consumers tighten up on their wallets. The first things to go are considered nonessential. What may surprise you, however, is that many Americans consider their hair very essential. In fact, during the 2008 recession, salons and beauty parlors reported a growth in sales, outperforming the overall economy.

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Why do consumers insist on spending money on hair care, even when there is little money to be spent?

  • Looking good is important! Especially during recession, when morale may be low. If people can keep up appearances, it makes them feel as if not all is so bad.
  • Certain salons can tailor hair care to tighter budgets. While many high end salons may suffer, family-focused salons, like Lemon Tree, offer quality service at fair prices. This means that hair care remains affordable for many families.
Beauty Salon Franchise

stable beauty franchise Lemon Tree's Secret to Success With a Beauty Franchise

By offering quality hair care services at affordable prices, Lemon Tree has managed to remain successful for decades. While our salon has undergone changes throughout our long history, our promise to our customers has remained the same: affordable hair care for the entire family.

The Salon Industry is uniquely human and faces little threat from automation. Furthermore, it's a community based industry, particularly for family focused salons. As a Lemon Tree Franchise Owner, you'll be able to connect directly with members of your local community. Building a successful career based on quality customer care is something to be proud of. Our community and family focus has proven successful for many decades and we believe it will be so for many more to come!

beauty salon franchise How it Works

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If you're ready to jump on board with the Lemon Tree beauty franchise, it's a simple process. Once you reach out to us, you'll go through a few steps so we can see if you're a good fit for our team. If you're awarded a franchise, congrats! You'll sign the agreement, and then the fun begins.

Your initial investment covers everything you need to open your salon. Training is the first step - our robust program ensures you're ready to lead a successful salon team. As Grand Opening Day looms nearer, we'll help you market and advertise for your brand new hair salon franchise. As customers become regulars, you'll grow as a Franchise Owner. Maybe you'll open additional salons! With Lemon Tree, the future ahead is full of opportunity. Ready to see what's in store? Contact us today to get started.

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Through teamwork our beauty franchise has managed to come out on top as an industry leader and we are forever grateful to the talented Franchise Owners that join our team.

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