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Our Hair Salon Franchise is a Recession Proof Opportunity

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haircut franchise Our Salon Franchise is a Recession Resilient Opportunity

While riding the highs of a booming economy, we often forget that what goes up must come down. Fluctuations are a natural, inevitable part of the economy. Businesses that are built to withstand low points are the ones that come out stronger when the economy rises again. If you're looking for a "recession proof business to start", consider the hair salon industry.

Think hair care is an unnecessary expense? Think again, because most Americans will disagree. When the economy slows and wallets get tight, spending on hair care remains steady. Even in hard times, everyone wants to look good. Keeping up appearances helps individuals boost their morale, something that is usually low during recession.

While the current COVID-19 pandemic has negatively affected the economy, evidence from past recessions show that the hair care industry can withstand economic pressures.

"We're looking for franchise partners who fit our culture, who value the idea of community, and who are driven to grow their business."

Jonathan Shaw

Lemon Tree President

Hair Salon Franchise Owner Owner of a Salon Franchise

Lemon Tree is the closest thing to a Beauty franchise industry recession proof franchise

  • Our hair salon franchise has maintained success through 4 decades of a fluctuating economy. This experience has allowed us to build a strong business model that can sustain Franchise Owners when times get tough.
  • During the 2008 recession, salon franchises and businesses reported growth in sales, outperforming the overall economy.
  • While other industries face mounting threats from technological shifts and automation, the hair care industry is uniquely human.

If you've been searching for a "recession proof franchise", consider an investment into Lemon Tree. With quality services, affordable pricing and a community focused environment, Lemon Tree salons were built for everyone.

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Hair salon franchise The Industry Of A Beauty Salon Franchise

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Haircut Franchise

Regardless of economic times, clients will always need to get their hair cut and colored. Other industries continue to affected by things like online business, technology and recessions, but Lemon Tree remains resistant to these changes. Our salon franchise opportunities offer great potential, growth and outstanding success as part of this unique industry.

beauty franchise industry Why Join Our Franchise If “recession proof franchise” isn’t enough to interest you in Lemon Tree, consider these benefits:

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1. Low Risk, High Reward

When you invest into Lemon Tree, you're investing into 40+ years of success. We've done all the hard work and developed a hair salon franchise that can withstand economic pressures. Your risk is minimal when you join our team, yet the potential rewards are sky high. On average, our top tier earners report $388,160 - $540,787 in annual revenue.

2. Robust Support Program

As a Lemon Tree team member, you'll never be in business by yourself. Our corporate support team will assist you with everything from grand opening, marketing, operations and more!

3. Owner Freedom

In order to grant our Franchise Owners as much freedom as possible, we've developed a semi-absentee business model which allows you to run things behind-the-scenes with the help from a manager. This is a great option for those who want to keep their full-time job or juggle multiple investments.

4. Simple And Scalable

We like people that dream big! Lemon Tree was designed to be operated simply so that our Franchise Owners can scale to 2, 3 or more locations.

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Don't waste any more time searching for "recession proof businesses to buy." Lemon Tree is the answer. We're looking to partner with business savvy individuals who are in it for the long run. Contact us today to get started.

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