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How Much Does It Cost To Own A Hairdressing Franchise?

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hair salon franchise Earning Potential

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Before you invest in a business, it is important to know the potential it has for profit. We believe that we have the strongest franchise model in the industry, and we have the numbers to back it up. The top 10% of our salons have an average unit volume of $556,305 but our success is not limited to just the top 10% of salons. The Top 50% of our salons have an average unit volume of $398,432. With a growing industry, the potential to generate revenue with your own hairdressing franchise is huge.

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Low Cost
Getting started in the hair salon industry couldn't be easier than it is with Lemon Tree Family Salons. In fact, we have the lowest cash to open costs in the industry at $75,000. Most other hair salon franchiseswill require $100,000 or even $200,000 or more in cash to open.

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Flexibility & Growth
The total cost of opening your first location with Lemon Tree will range between $160,206 -$218,572. Your initial investment is largely determined by the market that you are in. Start up costs that you will encounter will include items such as leasehold improvements, inventory and supplies, marketing, and initial working capital. You can see a breakdown of the types of expenditures you will encounter with your new business on our Investment Page here.

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Semi-Absentee Owner Model
When you choose to work with a franchise system, you are starting your business with a proven model for profitability. In fact, franchise businesses account for only 8% of service businesses, but command 40% of all service-related revenue. Your Lemon Tree Family Salon will have the advantage of over 45 years of experience in the business before you even open your doors. With the support of corporate, a proven model for success, and brand recognition you will see a 6% royalty, $32,500 franchise fee, and $120 weekly ad fee.

"It's more than just belonging to a successful franchise. It's about being a part of a successful family of entrepreneurs."


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beauty salon franchise The Industry Of A Hairdressing Franchise

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The hair salon industry generates $44 billion a year in revenue in the United States. The hairdressing industry is not only an economic power house, it is a recession-resistant industry which has allowed Lemon Tree Salon Owners to thrive even through economic downturns. The hairdressing industry is currently growing at 3% rate and the family salon service industry grew a staggering 9-15% in 2016. With proven profitability, economic stability, and a growing market, you may be wondering how much it will cost to own a hair salon franchise of your own?

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Corporate Supporthair salon franchise

At Lemon Tree Family Salons, we are looking for community-minded, family-oriented entrepreneurs who see the potential in our model and are looking to build their own business with multiple locations. With our proven model for success the potential is unlimited, Just listen to what franchise owner Anthony Pisani had to say: "There's so much financial freedom with this business. I've grown to three salons in two years and want to quickly add three or four more salons." With Lemon Tree the cost to get started is lower than any other hairdressing franchise and the potential is unlimited. Ready to take advantage of our outstanding hair salon franchise opportunities? Fill out the form below to take the next step.

hair salon franchise High Earning Potential

Yes, we believe that we have the strongest franchise model in the industry, and we have the numbers to prove it. The top 10% of our salons have an average unit volume of $556,305 but our success is not limited to the top 10% of our salons. The Top 50% have an average unit volume of $398,432. With some of the lowest start up costs in the industry combined with amazing earning potential we believe that owning a franchise with Lemon Tree Family Salons is truly the best value in the cosmetic franchise industry.

With low startup costs, high earning potential, and a recession-resistant business there has never been a better time to get started building your own successful salon franchise with Lemon Tree! Fill out the form below to find out more about how to get started.

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