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salon franchise opportunities The Exciting Industry of Hair Salon Franchises

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Are you looking for a career that is full of excitement? If you like the ever-changing atmosphere of the beauty industry, then owning a hair salon franchise could be a great career fit for you! Bringing in $62 billion annually, the hair salon industry is the highest grossing sector of the $500 billion beauty industry. Fashion and beauty trends are always changing, keeping the industry fresh. One of the most resilient industries, beauty products are always a top market item. A hair salon franchise remains at the top of the industry because it has proven to be recession resilient - people always need haircuts, even if they have to skip on the more pricier services. And in a booming economy, a beauty franchise does exceedingly well with multiple services like colors, perms, styling, and treatments.

From balayage and highlighting to organic products, there are always new trends on demand to keep business flowing and salon owners learning. Owning a hair salon franchise is a great way to take advantage of this booming industry with an exciting career!

"It's more than just belonging to a successful franchise. It's about being a part of a successful family of entrepreneurs."


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beauty franchise Why Is Lemon Tree The Best Beauty Franchise

Lemon Tree is a hair salon franchise that has been in the game since 1973. In the almost 5 decades that we have been in business, we have learned quite a lot about the hair salon industry. We have managed to keep up with the ever-changing trends and fast paced industry to produce a highly successful business model. Lemon Tree is a family style hair salon franchise with 30+ locations that offer affordable hair salons service to communities across the nation. We have managed to become a leader in thebeauty franchise industry by staying true to these four principles:

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Full Service
Decades in the industry has taught as that the only way to stay on top is by following the trends! We offer traditional haircuts, plus blowouts, perms, color treatments, and other services to our customers. Our full service salons cater to our customers and keep our owners happy with multiple streams of revenue!

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Family Focused
Lemon tree offers services for everyone in the family: adults, children, and seniors, which makes us a number one choice in the community.

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As customer service is one of our top priorities, we like to be available to our customers whenever they need, so no appointments are necessary at Lemon Tree! We are open 7 days and 5 nights a week so customers can fit us into their schedule whenever is convenient!

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We aren't your average hair cuttery - Lemon Tree provides quality hair salon services at affordable prices. Customers know they can come to us to both look good and save money on their beauty expenses.

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Join Lemon Tree Hair salon franchise For A Fun Career

If you like to stay busy and have fun with the newest beauty trends, then owning a hair salon franchise is a great way to have an exciting and profitable career! Lemon Tree salons top the industry charts with $533,311 in annual earnings! If you'd like to join our fun and successful team, contact us today.

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