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Freedom In Owning A Hair Salon Franchise

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While business ownership offers many positives, it is also a time consuming endeavor. Conventional employment restricts work to a set schedule, allowing workers to enjoy a certain degree of freedom. Franchising, on the other hand, brings all the benefits of business ownership without the increase in working hours. When you invest in a salon franchise like Lemon Tree, you'll receive training, marketing assistance, and ongoing program oversight. This support is typical of the franchise industry and allows entrepreneurs to experience business ownership without sacrificing their entire schedule! The Lemon Tree haircut franchise further extends the freedom of franchising with a semi-absentee ownership model.

At Lemon Tree, we realize that many franchisees are seasoned entrepreneurs that own multiple franchises and have various investments spread across different industries. Even with the flexibility that the franchise model affords, they don't have to be onsite everyday. With our semi-absentee salon franchise model, owners can hire a full time manager that takes care of the day-to-day. Within this model, the franchise owner handles the most important aspects of their salon franchise while still having time to manage their other investments. In order to support our semi-absentee owners, we train all new Lemon Tree beauty franchise owners on how to manage a successful team.

Hair salon franchise How To Manage A Successful Salon Franchise Team

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If you are interested in investing in Lemon Tree under the semi-absentee model, you'll have to be able to effectively manage your team from behind the scenes. As long as you are a strong leader with management and customer service skills, our training program will teach you everything else you need to know about beauty franchise team management. When you first invest into our haircut franchise, you'll need to be present and available until your store is up and running. You'll begin with up to 40 hours of classroom training where you'll learn about the ins and outs of the salon industry and effective management skills. Once your Lemon Tree is open, you'll receive up to 50 hours of onsite training where you will interact with your new staff and set the principles that will become the routine of your salon franchise. Most franchise owners that follow the semi absentee model will need to hire a full time manager, 1-2 team leaders, and 4-6 stylists. As your business grows, more stylists will be added. A great team makes for a great business. By partnering with capable franchise owners like you, Lemon Tree has managed to grow into a highly successful salon franchise.

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While most other beauty franchises expect all franchise owners to be onsite daily, at Lemon Tree we recognize that everyone's schedule is different. We realize that individuals involved in multiple business endeavours are organized, successful, and highly skilled. These are the kinds of people we want on our side. When you join our semi-absentee salon franchise, you can add to your success without making a huge commitment. Contact us today to learn more.

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