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Comparing Cosmetic Beauty Franchise Opportunities

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hair salon franchise Cosmetic Franchise Opportunities

People always want to feel good and look great! It should come as no surprise that cosmetic franchise opportunities are booming. Hair salons alone generate $44 billion in revenue annually in the US, and according to market research, the demand for salon services is expected to rise over the next 5 years. With health and beauty services in such high demand, you may be wondering if a hair salon franchise is right for you? When considering what beauty franchise is the best fit for you it's important to consider the economics, start up costs, and earning potential of your future business.

"We're looking for franchise partners who fit our culture, who value the idea of community, and who are driven to grow their business."

Jonathan Shaw

Lemon Tree President

Hair Salon Franchise Owner Owner of a Salon Franchise

beauty salon franchise Why Lemon Tree?

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At Lemon Tree Family Salons we are looking for franchise owners who are community-minded, family-oriented entrepreneurs. Our franchise model is the strongest in the industry and we want to help franchise owners who share our vision to build their own successful businesses. We have been in the industry since the 1970's and have proven that our value-priced model allows our salon owners to thrive. When you compare Lemon Tree Family Salons with other franchises in the industry the difference is easy to see.

With much lower start up costs than most other franchises in the health and beauty industry, it has never been easier to enter this growing and highly profitable sector of the market than it is with a Lemon Tree Family Salon of your own.

Minimum Cash To Open
  • Lemon Tree 75,000
  • Other salons 100,000-200,000
  • A lash lounge 150,00-250,000
  • Massage studio 160,000
  • Fitness studio 100,000-400,000
  • Nail salon 100,000
  • Spa 100,000-120,000
  • Chiropractic clinic 100,000

Recession Resistanthair salon franchise

Because people always want to look their best, many cosmetic franchise opportunities are recession resistant. While weight loss services have struggled over the past five years, salon services have continued to grow. Even in an economic down turn people still need great haircuts at a great value. With over 45 years in the industry at Lemon Tree Family Salons, we have proven that our value-priced model allows our franchise owners to thrive even through economic recessions. Family-focused hair salons saw a growth of 9-15% in 2016 alone and those numbers are continuing to grow. We believe that our hair salon franchise model is the strongest in the industry which is why we are so excited to grow the Lemon Tree brand nation wide.

hair salon franchise High Earning Potential

Yes, we believe that we have the strongest franchise model in the industry, and we have the numbers to prove it. The top 10% of our salons have an average unit volume of $556,305 but our success is not limited to the top 10% of our salons. The Top 50% have an average unit volume of $398,432. With some of the lowest start up costs in the industry combined with amazing earning potential we believe that owning a franchise with Lemon Tree Family Salons is truly the best value in the cosmetic franchise industry.

With low startup costs, high earning potential, and a recession-resistant business there has never been a better time to get started building your own successful salon franchise with Lemon Tree! Fill out the form below to find out more about how to get started.

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